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Get Your Financial Coaching Certificate by Successfully Completing These Steps

Get Your Financial Coaching Certificate by Successfully Completing These Money Coach Courses

Money coaching is a process for understanding and changing relationships with money in order to live a more purposeful and prosperous life. B.G.W. Money Coach Master is a leader in the money coaching industry. Through education and awareness, Money Coach Master can train you to become the Money Coach that people will line up to work with. With a financial coaching certificate, you will have a new career in which you can excel in any economy.
If you are interested in a new and rewarding money coaching career, you will be on your way with a financial coaching certificate. The first step in money coach training encompasses five core courses to provide you with the tools, resources and skills you need to build a successful money coaching practice and effectively deliver money coaching services to your clients.
Course #1-Introduction to the Fundamentals of Money Coaching: This two day course introduces you to the field of money coaching. Learn how to identify limiting beliefs, behaviours and attitudes people have towards money. This introductory course can help you expose these limiting beliefs in order to adopt new money habits that will help people make more conscious money decisions.
Course #2-Cash Flow Analysis and Debt Management Fundamentals: This two day course teaches money management processes and strategies to help move clients from financial struggle to financial stability, then to financial security and ultimately reach their financial independence. You will learn how to collect, analyze and organize clients’ financial information in order to personalize a comprehensive action plan that integrates the clients’ goals.
Course #3- The 5 phase Evoce™ process to deliver Money Coaching Engagements to Clients: This one day course takes the principles and techniques learned in the first two courses to apply to a comprehensive case study to guide you on how to deliver successful money coaching engagements to clients.
Course #4- Learn How to Use the Money Coaching Software Application Effectively: This one day course will teach you how to use the Money Coaching Software Platform to create a debt and cash management plan for your clients, then to communicate the plan in print and electronically to your clients’ money coach application account.
Course # 5- How to Build a Successful and Predictable Money Coaching Business: This one day course is unique. This course will teach you to:
  • Develop your business plan
  • Develop detailed marketing strategies and tactics
  • Build solid referral networks
  • Measure your results and take corrective actions
Upon completion of the five core courses, it is possible to obtain a financial coaching certificate. Money Coach Masters has developed a mentoring and certification program that involves four months of empirical mentorship working with clients to apply and sharpen your money coaching skills. The program includes:
  • Small group advanced money coaching skills training
  • One on one mentoring and supervision of a minimum of 6 client plans
  • Peer review of a minimum of two end-to-end engagements
  • Getting a minimum of 2-3 favourable testimonials from serviced clients
Upon successfully completing these steps, you will be awarded with a Financial Coaching Certificate and the optional right to operate under the brand of Money Coach Masters.